Municipal Utilities

One characteristic that distinguishes the community of Sanborn from the rest of the region is a matter of self-sufficiency.

The town provides its residents with gas, electricity, internet, cable television, water and sewage systems at reasonable rates.

Electricity is provided by Sanborn Municipal Light Plant.

The municipal water comes from wells owned by the city, with an elevated storage capacity of 400,000 gallons.  Average consumption per day of water by the city is 300,000 gallons, with a water plant capacity of 864,000 gallons per day.

Sanborn Municipal Gas Utility distributes gas to Sanborn residents through the Northern Natural Gas Company Pipeline.

Sanborn serves its residents with a waste water treatment plant, serving 99 percent of the community.  The average daily load of sewage treatment at the plant is 250,000, with a capacity for 500,000.

All these services are municipally owned, and residents are billed through the city offices.


CALL (712) 930-3842

The Sanborn City Offices are your one-stop shopping center for all of your technology and utility needs. 


Our service professionals are standing by to provide everything from high speed internet, cable television and local telephone service to Electric and Natural Gas service, Water, Solid Waste and Sewer to our residents and Businesses.

With this combination of citizen-owned utilities, we’re confident we can meet any needs you or your business may have. 

For well over 50 years Sanborn’s Municipal Utilities have been committed to helping make Sanborn a better place to live and work.  Here are a few examples from just the past 10 years:

  1. Invested in land purchases for housing and Industrial development.
  2. Utilities infrastructure for housing and industrial development areas.
  3. Construction of a new Aquatic Center.
  4. Construction of a Public Library.
  5. Contributes each year to Sanborn Improvement for economic development.
  6. Added 11 additional camping sites at Miller Park.
  7. Added 9 holes to the disc golf course.
  8. Invested in renovations at the Municipal Golf Course.
  9. Added a 2.3 mile Nature Trail at Miller Park.