Budget Billing



Iowa's unpredictable weather can cause energy consumption to fluctuate on a monthly basis.  Budget Billing allows you to pay a set amount on your Utility account each month, giving you the opportunity to budget for the year. 

The Budget Billing program is based on the previous year's average usage/bill amounts and will be reevaluated annually in April.  We then provide a written notice with the new monthly budget amount for you to review.

You may request termination of the Budget Billing program at any time.  At the time of termination, any balance on your account(s) will be due in full or any credit on your account(s) may be refunded or applied to future charges.

It is our policy that all participants in the Budget Billing program must pay on time and must pay the Budget Billing amount in full each month.  Failure to pay the budget amount or insufficient funds availability will result in removal from the Budget Billing program. 

If a customer wishes to remain on Budget Billing in the future, they will be required to sign up for Electronic Bill Payment.  The monthly budget amount will be deducted from your specified bank account by Automatic Clearing House (ACH).  You may select to have the payment processed on the 1st, 8th, or 15th of each month. 

For more information or to enroll in the Budget Billing program, please contact 

Sanborn Municipal Utilities at 712-930-3842.